Minarian News 2

Minarian news:

1) Juulute Wolfheart (called “Spearchucker” in less politically correct times, though he is Caucasian) has been training the southern barbarian tribes in new fighting techniques….and gathering quite the army around him.

2) The Black Hand has declared war on Zorn (the goblin kingdom). His official grievance is “Need”, according to the declaration. Rumor has it the goblins have modified their tactics from “Run away” to “Run away screaming”, to little effect.

3) News of Central Immer, though you get that in the adventure.

4) Giants have been raiding near Aws Noir, looking for slaves. The Dwarves report that they are more organized than usual, but no real threat to dwarves.

5) The Gorpin Woodsmen have sent envoys to northern barbarian tribes asking for help in Immer. None of have returned.

6) Weird equipment from the far east has made an appearance in Pon and Addeese. The most fascinating things are wands that emit small pieces of metal.



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