Minarian News 3


1) A Cyclops envoy arrived at the Invisible School, via Port Lork. He says the Druid-Paladin-Lich King has captured a Cyclopean Forgemaster and his guild, to build something nefarious, no doubt. The Cyclopes offer to build much magic for those that can rescue the Forgemaster (slaying the ’King is not necessary).

2) The Dwarves have decided to come to the aid of the much beleaguered Goblins; the Pits said to have fallen, and the family of Skoagg has been slaughtered, and there are stories of extensive underground fighting (well, if “fighting” means “massive slaughter of goblins”).

3) A magic storm affected southwestern Muetar; all “new” potions and scrolls are said destroyed. Reports for more permanent items are conflicting.



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