Off to Immer

When last we left, the heroes, beaten and bloody and negaleveled, elected to leave Falcon’s Hollow and head..somewhere in Muetar. From there, they get to decide where next to go, probably some place where they can figure out what that tablet is for (perhaps a trip to the Invisible School?).

1) There is still an annoying cold breeze coming out of Immer…seems right unnatural. Travelers say the country has been overrun by blue goblins, and that there is fell magic emanating from Altarr (the capital, it’s rumored the other fortresses are still whole, but reports conflict on Altarr). The monarch has been overthrown, but who or what the new ruler is, is in dispute. Skoagg claims no knowledge of what’s going on, and asserts that the Nithmere goblins, what’s left of them, have withdrawn after taking great casualties from the new owners of Immer.

2) The Black Hand seems to be aspiring to godhood; emissaries are offering power to those who swear to worship him as a god. There rumors that those who go to The Tower of Zards an swear fealty do indeed have otherworldly dark power…but the emissaries themselves don’t even seem to be passable clerics.

3) Alchemists are making great discoveries at the Witch’s Cauldron; The Guild of Groat has funded them.

4) The Theocracy of Mivior is looking for countries to ally against it against Rombune, who’ve been committing ever more brazen (and successful) acts of piracy. The fleets of Rombune have been dominant every since the Sphinctre Wars, and it’s rumored there are still worshippers there….

5) While magic has become extremely more powerful and common in recent years, the mages of the Invisible School have verified the existence of “magic dead” zones…it’s rumored that they may even be causing them.

6) The Spires to the Sun have reported an influx of thieves of late, attempting to steal the ancient lenses of the Llori Empire. Some have been successful, it is rumored; reports of many dying in the attempt are more strongly rumored.



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