Pre-winter Carnival

It’s the time of the pre-winter carnival, a common event in Muetar (much as many Gulf cities have a version of Mardi Gras), and amusements abound. The heroes seem to have no interest in such things, however, and immediately head to the Worshipful Guild of Legalists (p28) for advice on the taxes. They learn that the ruler of the city, Graf Todbringer, makes decisions as he will, asking whoever he wants for advice, with no particular law or rule determining if any advice is more important than others…though the Law Lords generally have a strong input, or so the Guild says. The party was going to meet Senior Clerk Wahnsinnige for further information, but got distracted.
The Komission of Elven, Dwarven, and Halfling interested is mostly dwarf-run, and is mostly angry about the new taxes. IMD noticed some elven light-singers had some bruises, and it appears they attacked by angry dwarves.
The Komission for Commerce, Trade, and Taxation was never visited, nor was the Merchant’s Guild.
The Wizard’s Guild is mostly hoping it’ll all blow over, but was kind enough to let Fiona use their library and buy supplies relatively cheaply.
Various temples have been approached. The Temple of Ulric (the primary temple of the city) is in full support of the taxes since high priest Ar-Ulric is in support of it, but the other temples clearly are not.
The carnival is a rare opportunity for the adventurers to associate with the upper class, and they’ve met a few of the many personages of the city:
Chancellor Sparsam: Not met, but supposedly has the ear of the Graf. Rumor has it he favors opera.
Dieter Schmiedehammer is the Graf’s Champion, 3 years running. Seems a nice guy and clearly is an accomplished fighter. He talks to the Graf from time to time, and says the Midden Marshals have most of the influence on the Graf. He himself supports the taxes on dwarves in a strange monotone voice, and his elven friends are loathe to press the matter.
Rallane Lafarel is the Court Minstrel, and a friend of Dieter. Rallane supports the dwarf tax, thinks the Knight Eternal is a joke (and does a funny impersonation of him), and does like to flirt with females.
“Princess” Katarina Todbringer: Cares nothing for the taxes, and is the illegitimate daughter of the Franz. Rumor has it he dotes on her, and has provided her with guards, including….
Chaperone Hildegarde ZImperlich: Protects the Princess from undesirables, and loathes Luigi Pavarotti (Cleave was nearly seduced by him, though it seems everyone has an opinion of the strange character).
The Midden Marshals (Shutzmann, Schwermutt, Von Genscher) tend to go to carnival events (and express opinions) as a group. Cleave met Shutzman, and learned that Goebbles has an evil reputation.
High Wizard Albrech Helseher: head of the wizard’s guild, though the party hasn’t talked with him. Fiona has at least heard of him, and met his deputy, Janna.
Ar-Ulric: High priest of Ulric. He’s clearly under stress, but lamely supports the taxes. He’s uncomfortable about women, and says he’s being extorted via some love letters (detailing activities only possible for those with high Dexterity scores). A woman, Frau Kaltblutig is arranging the extortion, in exchange for supporting the taxes; this was arranged at the palace..
Siegfried Prunkvoll: The Knight Eternal, always wears full plate mail, and seems knowledgeable of heraldry and familial affiliations, but otherwise a dweeb, easily fooled by the not-silver-tongued Cleave.
Allavandrel Fanmaris: Master of the Hunt. Peony got along well with him until the “double date” incident. He finds the dwarf tax hysterical, and is friends with Dieter and Rallane.
Gotthard Goebbels: The Komission Convenor, head of the Merchant’s Guild. He vaguely indicated interest in hiring Cleave for some “wet work”, just in case some nosy adventurers got in the way.
Herr Doktor Luigi Pavarotti: Bombastic caretaker of Shakin’ Stefan, the only one to seem to have any ability help the sickly lad. He says he uses some strange magical power, “hyp no tism”, although he doesn’t say where he learned it. Seems to have ready access to the inner palace, and seduced Haruko. Haruko did get to visit Stefan, and see for herself he was beyond her abilities. She also established Pararotti, for all his bluster, does have considerable Heal skill…and the stamina of three bulls. Haruko also saw that entering and leaving the palace is always noted by the guards, though.
The Law Lords: There are three. The party met Joachim Hoflich, something of a cold fish, but Astor believes him to be a fine lawyer. Wasmeier was also met, and indicated he was not in favor of the taxes (since he’s a wizard), but outvoted.

Emmanuelle Schlagen: a lady in waiting and Ar-Ulric’s affair. She appeared to be a bit on the make, but complained of advances from Pavarotti, who claimed to have drugs (little-a blue-a pills-a) that enhanced male potency; she seemed willing to talk about other personages, but the party wasn’t so interested.

Kirsten Jung: Lady in waiting, and Deitrich’s fiance. She’s hoping he stops being champion so they can get married.

Petra Liebkosen: Lady in wating, unmet.

Natasha Sinnlich: Lady in waiting. Ice blonde, seemed a bit cool.
There was also an incident in the Templar’s Arms, a small invasion of goblinoids. The party found some gold, and a note, “Help I am a prisoner of beestmen.” Following the trail led to a room in the sewers, with a secret access to a park in the wealthy part of town.
Those are most of the details, although there are certainly a few things I might have missed. Feel free to ask questions.



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