When last we left, the intrepid heroes had slinked into WhiteForge, a formerly human city overrun with fae from an alternate plane, include blue goblins, winter wolves, and ice trolls. There’s some backstory about Baba Yaga’s daughter stealing a Hut, but in the interim, the party is investigating a clock tower (raised in honor of a dwarven/Immerite victory over the elves some centuries back). They’re there looking to kill a white dragon, guess I should re-read the module to figure out why.

After that, it’s probably time to liberate the Hut. I may get more adventures in this Pathfinder path…but I’m also getting pretty stoked about a certain Kickstarter, which may motivate me to make an uber-campaign adventure (to justify the Kickstarter cost)…that may be why I’m blanking out on the module.

That, or flux calculations…only so many spells a mind can hold….



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