Minarian News 1

1) Graf Boris Todbringer died at the end of winter; his eldest son, Heinrich Todbringer, is now Graf Todbringer.

2) With the first thaw, the goblins of Zorn declared war on Immer; usually such wars begin with a siege of The Gap, but for some reason, the bulk of the goblin army was deployed “not in the west” Nithmere mountains. The goblin vanguard was cut to pieces.

3) The Holy Kingdom of Mivior successfully raised the Sunken Isle of Boliske, sunk long ago in the Sphincter War. Excavations will likely begin soon.

4) The old enemy, dark elves, were supposedly spotted in Tadafat, in Hothior; teams of paladins from Mivior have already been sent to investigate thoroughly.

5) A sacred lens was brought to The Black Knight, he’s said to have paid 20,000 gp for it.

6) Several major caravans were lost on the trade route between Pon, Shuccassam, and the Glorious Kingdom of the Undying Lizard King; they each accuse the other of being responsible.



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