Minarian News 4

In other news, the Black Hand has routed a dwarven army near Rozengg; Reportedly the priests of the Black Hand are extraordinarily powerful in their channeling skills. Dwarves are calling for mercenaries to prevent a siege of the capital, offering mining rights to a famous mine, as well as sending emissaries to Muetar for assistance.

The Invisible School is still hard at work trying to figure out protections from the anti-magic storms and fields popping up, offering prizes to researchers able to produce or generate stable versions of the field (most such research is held a number of miles away, near the village of the horse-tail people).

The Paladins of Mivior have mobilized by Addat; a representative is at the Invisible School, awaiting orders on when to challenge the Druid-Paladin-Lich King so that the Cyclopean Forgemaster can be rescued from Ellendar.

Fortress Ellendar
Aster's Journal

After buying some climbing equipment for our ninjaesque assault on the fortress, we snuck in under the cover of night. We managed to stealthily reach the path to the fortress without alerting the horde of enemies below. That was until the “Helpful” snake gate decided to burst into a bright light and alert everyone in the country to our presence. On the BRIGHT side (hehe) they did answer a few questions for us and help with our escape.

Monster’s have apparently learned to focus fire and our cleric played whack-a-mole with her heals. Our Cleric was so distracted by healing she forgot to raise any undead zombies! I know right! Sounds crazy! We hoofed it across the walkway of no cover and lots of fiery death just in time to avoid the giant fireball’s they were lobbing at us.

We found Raven-Nimloff, a tree who’s limbs we needed for a spell, in a low clearing with high walls and only one entrance. Totally a trap. Peony managed to tame a dinosaur in the obvious trap area, and we got to ask a few more questions of the tree. Perhaps we should have asked if it was a trap. So as we are leaving the trap pit it turns out…. it was a trap all along!!! Le gasp! Thanks to my silver tongue and amazing charm (and a really dumb leader) I managed to convince them we were also working for the DPLK and casting a protection spell on the fortress. Yea I can’t believe he fell for it either.

So onto the fortress we met a wyvern statue guarding a door. after defeating it in the foyer Haruko couldn’t stop beating a dead wyvern (new saying I’m trying to get to catch on) as it kept ticking. The first room we came across contained a sphere or floating evil that apparently wasn’t as stupid as the leader of the trap group. I’m sure that will bite us in the ass later. Next was a wizards quarters with a pretty cool crown that I decided I was the only one sexy enough to wear properly. It made me really “attractive” (You’ll get that later). Room three contained a Drider and her pet cockatrice. We pissed her off but managed to defeat her and her table minion. Not before Jace launched a fireball into my face. I decided to reconsider my fashion options and store the crown.

In the Library there was this really glowy holy book that Haruko helped me read. I learned a good bit about about some religion and Haruko learned that a Cleric without any knowledge of religion has it’s downside. That’s when we discovered a super secret room that contained a pair of statues that would follow any command. As long as they didn’t leave the room, attack anything, answer any questions, talk, become helpful in any way, etc.


After meeting with Pavarotti, the heroes learn that an alleged apprentice of The Black Hand (but no longer associated with him) has occupied a long abandoned outpost, Chernozavtra. The heroes are asked to go and see if the apprentice can offer any information regarding The Black Hand’s newfound powers. After stocking up on everything but information, the heroes head out, following the map provided by Pavarotti.

The heroes find Chernozavtra, but things are not as simple as one could hope. The outpost is on an island in the middle of a cold, fast-flowing river, with but on ford access. Outside the walls looks to be some sort of barbarian camp, occupied by humans.

Guarding the ford is a well organized hobgoblin army, bearing insignia the party hasn’t seen before. In addition to the hobgoblins are a great number of goblin wolf riders, bearing insignia of the Zorn army (Zorn, you may recall, has capitulated to The Black Hand). A troop of such riders invited the party into the camp, and the heroes agreed. The hobgoblins seem reasonable to the party’s request for access to Chernozavtra, but the captain of the force asks that the party leave in the morning (it is late in the day). Otherwise, the heroes are free to wander the camp.


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