Minarian News 4

In other news, the Black Hand has routed a dwarven army near Rozengg; Reportedly the priests of the Black Hand are extraordinarily powerful in their channeling skills. Dwarves are calling for mercenaries to prevent a siege of the capital, offering mining rights to a famous mine, as well as sending emissaries to Muetar for assistance.

The Invisible School is still hard at work trying to figure out protections from the anti-magic storms and fields popping up, offering prizes to researchers able to produce or generate stable versions of the field (most such research is held a number of miles away, near the village of the horse-tail people).

The Paladins of Mivior have mobilized by Addat; a representative is at the Invisible School, awaiting orders on when to challenge the Druid-Paladin-Lich King so that the Cyclopean Forgemaster can be rescued from Ellendar.



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