After meeting with Pavarotti, the heroes learn that an alleged apprentice of The Black Hand (but no longer associated with him) has occupied a long abandoned outpost, Chernozavtra. The heroes are asked to go and see if the apprentice can offer any information regarding The Black Hand’s newfound powers. After stocking up on everything but information, the heroes head out, following the map provided by Pavarotti.

The heroes find Chernozavtra, but things are not as simple as one could hope. The outpost is on an island in the middle of a cold, fast-flowing river, with but on ford access. Outside the walls looks to be some sort of barbarian camp, occupied by humans.

Guarding the ford is a well organized hobgoblin army, bearing insignia the party hasn’t seen before. In addition to the hobgoblins are a great number of goblin wolf riders, bearing insignia of the Zorn army (Zorn, you may recall, has capitulated to The Black Hand). A troop of such riders invited the party into the camp, and the heroes agreed. The hobgoblins seem reasonable to the party’s request for access to Chernozavtra, but the captain of the force asks that the party leave in the morning (it is late in the day). Otherwise, the heroes are free to wander the camp.



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